Roofing : Top 10 causes of roof damages

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Roofing: Top 10 causes of roof damages

The roof of the house covers your house. The roof protects the house in any situation. It is very important to maintain the roof well. Usually, most people ignore this. We never worry about the roof until the house is in trouble. Things that cause problems for the roof should be well known. Be aware of potential damage. We have a list of the top things that can be harmful to your roof. If you feel any of these, or have any questions about roof repair – call our Eavesarmour company. Our support team will answer the question. Our Eavesarmour is managed by skilled workers using modern technology. Accept services from popular Canadian organizations. Visit for detailed services.

The main 10 causes of roof damage are:

Nearby tree limbs can break at any time during heavy snow, wind or snowfall. When the diseased plant is weak then it breaks easily. Inspect the trees around your home for home and roof safety. At the right time, cut off the branches that may cause problems.

  • Roof Debris:

The leaves and trees around your home create debris on the roof. This debris is especially visible in cracks created by extensions or dormers. Sticks, leaves, and pine needles can pile up on your roof. This results in constant moisture at the bottom causing the roof shingles to be damaged. Gradually your roof structure rots and deteriorates in this way.

  • Critters.

Nesting birds such as raccoons, bats, squirrels, squirrels, and rats can all contribute to breaking the roof of a house. Insects under your shingles and fascia boards are hit by wooden beaks. Vent cover and shingles can also be torn by raccoons looking for a way inside.

Roofing & Gutter guards
Roofing: Top 10 causes of roof damages|
  • Downspouts / Gutters.

Designed to keep water flowing away from the roof. If the house’s gutter is filled with debris, the roof may leak. Even if the maintenance is not done properly, water can accumulate on the roof and leak the roof of the house. This leak can cause decay in the roof over time.

  • Excessive Wind.

Shingles can rise when the wind blows. Even shingles can fly. Rain or moisture can cause damage to the ceiling if it enters the bottom of your shingles. As a result, leaks can appear on the inside walls of the house. After a storm, quickly find and repair stray shingles. The roof of the house should be inspected periodically.

  • Strong Rain / Hail.

During hailstorms, it can damage and weaken the protective mineral coating on your asphalt shingles. Even creates unprotected stains. This exposes your shingles to more problems like UV rays and moisture. It can even cause damage. Heavy hail is enough to shorten the roof life of a house.

  • Ice / Snow.

Ice may not always be a problem at home. In Canada, however, they are more aggressive in winter. If the temperature drops below freezing, ice may form along the walls of your home. And can back up snow. Then the frozen melting process can lift your shingles. In this process, if the ice starts to melt, snow can enter the house.

Roofing & Gutter guards
Roofing: Top 10 causes of roof damages|
  • Flashing Damage.

Roof flashing refers to a thin strip of material used for weather-proofing your roof around vents, chimneys and along the edges. If your flashing become damaged, it can allow water to seep underneath that area and into your home. Over time and weather wearing, the compound used to seal the flashing can become lose or dry out which can cause water damage

  • UV Rays.

Our beautiful warm sun can also play quite the part in the lifespan of your roof with its UV rays. It can lead your shingles to dry out over time.

Although this is only part of the aging of your roof, it is also a sign to be aware of. Moisture. While each of these issues can create problems that damage your roof, you may have noticed one main thing they all have in common. All these things allow water or moisture in and that is the biggest culprit in causing harm to your roof. If you can take care of everything else before or as they happen, then you can prevent water and moister from destroying and damaging your roof.

Roofing & Gutter guards
Roofing: Top 10 causes of roof damages|

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