Protect your gutters, for life.

Keep Your Gutters Clog-Free All Year Round With Eavesarmour Gutter Guard. Our Heated Gutter System And All-Season Protection Ensures No Debris, Pests, Or Insects Can Get In. With Our Lifetime Transferable Warranty, You’ll Never Have To Worry About Gutter Cleaning Or Ice Dams Again.

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The Last Gutter Guard You'll Ever Need.

Eavesarmour Gutter Guard is the ultimate solution to clogged gutters and ice dams. With a durable aluminum frame and surgical grade stainless steel mesh, it keeps out leaves, debris, pests, and insects all year round. Our discreet design works on any roof or gutter system, and our lifetime transferable warranty ensures you’ll never have to clean your gutters again. Say goodbye to gutter problems with Eavesarmour.

Invest in the best, clog-free gutters for life.

Don't settle for flimsy gutter guards that require constant maintenance. Eavesarmour Gutter Guard is made with the thickest and most durable extruded aluminum frame on the market, ensuring your gutters stay clog-free for life. Say goodbye to cleaning gutters and dealing with ice dams forever, and enjoy peace of mind with our lifetime transferable warranty. Invest in the best with Eavesarmour.

Eaves Armour Gutter Protection

Say goodbye to gutter cleaning and ice dams with Eavesarmour.

Don't let harsh Canadian winters damage your gutters. With Eavesarmour's heated gutter system, you can say goodbye to ice dams and the need for constant gutter cleaning. Our extruded aluminum frame and surgical grade stainless steel mesh keep out all debris, pests, and insects ensuring clog-free gutters for life. Enjoy peace of mind with our discreet and low-profile design that works on all roof.

Never clean your gutters again.

Tired of spending hours cleaning out your gutters every season? With Eavesarmour Gutter Guard, you'll never have to climb a ladder again. Our surgical-grade stainless steel mesh filters out all debris, ensuring clog-free gutters for life. Plus, our discreet and low-profile design works on all roof and gutter systems and comes with a lifetime transferable warranty. Say goodbye to gutter cleaning and ice dams with Eavesarmour.

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Reasons why EAVESARMOUR is the #1 gutter guard system.

Reason #1

Eavesarmour eliminates costly property damage with advanced cutting-edge ice melting technology.

Reason #2

Snow accumulates on stairs or entrances, garages, and decks. Eavesarmour helps remove the ice for a risk-free living.

Reason #3

Gutters and Downspouts stay ice free for the breakthrough Eavesarmour advanced cutting edge ice melt technology.

Reason #4

Eavesarmour advanced technology heated ice melt panels keep ice and snow free from eaves, valleys, chimneys, skylights, dormers and other problem areas.






Largest Roof Gutter Protection Company in Canada.

Say goodbye to the hassle of gutter cleaning and ice dam formation with Eavesarmour Gutter Guard. Our all-season protection system ensures clog-free gutters for life, with a discreet and low-profile design that works on all roof and gutter systems. And with our lifetime transferable warranty, you can rest easy knowing your home is protected. Don’t wait any longer to upgrade your gutter system. Experience the peace of mind that comes with Eavesarmour today.

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