Introducing Eavesarmour, the premier solution for safeguarding your eavestrough system with our cutting-edge Stainless Steel micro-mesh gutter guards. Crafted from top-tier materials, including a specialized frame, these leaf guards are engineered for maximum durability even in the most extreme weather conditions. Eavesarmour’s experts have enhanced the gutter guard’s resilience by anodizing the frame, fortifying your home’s eavestrough system while providing you with total peace of mind.

Eavesarmour’s micro-mesh screen sets itself apart with the incorporation of Surgical Grade 316L Stainless Steel, offered in 50 or 30 mesh options. The minuscule holes in the mesh prevent debris from entering, while permitting only liquid to pass through. This innovative system ensures your gutters remain unobstructed and clean, regardless of the size of the debris.

The Eavesarmour guard frames boast a robust and long-lasting design. Our skilled designers have integrated high-quality rubberized adhesive to secure the sturdy frames, guaranteeing they never become rigid or brittle. This specialized adhesive is carefully formulated to remain flexible, keeping the frames in place no matter the external temperature.

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At Eavesarmour, we take pride in our dedication to our customers, ensuring every homeowner in Canada can depend on our state-of-the-art technology to shield their homes from eavestrough blockages caused by fallen leaves and other debris. A clogged gutter can result in soffit and fascia deterioration, harmful mold growth, and damage to basements and foundations. By employing our standard gutter guards, Eavesarmour diminishes these health risks and protects over 185,000 individuals each year from the harmful consequences of obstructed gutters.

Choosing Eavesarmour’s micro-mesh gutter guard system is a smart investment, offering an efficient and enduring solution for your eavestrough system. Our groundbreaking technology and unwavering commitment to excellence make us the number one choice for homeowners in Canada seeking dependable gutter protection.

Eavesarmour distinguishes itself as the sole provider of a wide-ranging assortment of gutter guard solutions customized to accommodate your home’s distinct weather, leaf, and debris conditions all year round. Prevent ice damming and enjoy heated gutters and heated gutter guards with Eavesarmour’s advanced technology, designed to protect your home throughout the seasons.

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1) Will I still have to clean my gutters occasionally?

Never. The gutters protection system is completely sealed with the Eavesarmour gutter guard system. It does not allow any debris to enter the fine mesh system. The product’s self-filtering mechanism allows only water to enter the gutter, effectively keeping all other debris out.

2) Can your gutters overflow in heavy rainfall?

According to the essential Consumer Journal, the top-rated mesh gutter systems can handle rainfall at a rate of 7 ½ inches per hour. Our assessments have shown even better performance; however, in rare cases of extremely high winds and steeply sloped roofs, there is a possibility of a cascade effect where the rain rushes so quickly that it overwhelms the gutter system.

3) How does our product differ from those made from plastic or uPVC?

Our Eavesarmour gutter guards are crafted from specially extruded aluminum, providing exceptional strength to withstand heavy snowfall and icy weather conditions. Other materials like plastic or uPVC can be prone to warping or detachment in high temperatures, compromising the gutter system’s effectiveness. In contrast, Eavesarmour gutter guard’s extruded aluminum remains stable and reliable, with its rubberized paste expanding and contracting with changes in temperature to maintain a secure fit between the display and the structure.

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