Eavesarmour’s Stainless-Steel Micro-Mesh gutter guards stand out as the industry’s leading choice, offering unparalleled protection for your home’s guttering system. These advanced Micro-Mesh guards are crafted using top-quality materials and a specially engineered frame, ensuring durability and resilience even in the harshest conditions. Our skilled engineers have enhanced these Micro-Mesh Systems with an anodized frame, providing extra protection against debris blockages, flooding, and leaks.

The innovative Eavesarmour Micro-Mesh Screen is available in 50 or 30 Surgical Grade 316L Stainless Steel. Its ultra-fine holes are designed to keep even the smallest debris out, allowing only liquid to pass through and ensuring your gutters stay clean and clog-free.

Our robust and long-lasting Eavesarmour frames are shielded with a high-quality rubberized adhesive, preventing them from becoming rigid or brittle. Our expert designers have carefully formulated this adhesive to remain flexible, keeping the frame securely in place, regardless of temperature fluctuations.

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Eavesarmour’s commitment to excellence sets us apart, making us the go-to choice for homeowners across Canada seeking reliable gutter guard protection. Our advanced technology effectively safeguards homes from gutter clogs caused by fallen leaves and other debris. Blocked gutters can result in soffit and fascia decay, hazardous mold growth, and damage to basements and foundations. By using Eavesarmour’s standard gutter guards, we reduce these risks and protect over 185,000 individuals annually from the negative impacts of clogged gutters.

Eavesarmour is the only provider offering a comprehensive selection of gutter guard protection solutions tailored to your home’s unique weather, leaf, and debris conditions throughout the year. Trust in Eavesarmour’s proven technology to shield your home from gutter-related issues in any season.


Only ” Eavesarmour ICE” offers a wide range of gutter guard protection yearly all weather that is designed for your home’s unique weather or leaf and debris situations.

There are Three Modules Available in the Advanced Eavesarmour Ice System

Eavesarmour’s stainless steel micro-mesh is engineered for optimal performance and durability. Compatible with 5″ and 6″ gutters, it features an integrated seal that securely attaches to the fascia. Unlike other gutter guards that require installation under roof shingles—potentially voiding shingle manufacturers’ warranties—Eavesarmour is designed to be installed without compromising your roof’s warranty.

Our innovative design ensures that the gutter guard is not installed at the same pitch as the roof, preventing water deflection and overflow issues commonly associated with other gutter guards. Experience the benefits of a reliable, long-lasting gutter protection system that respects your roof’s warranty and effectively keeps debris out with Eavesarmour.

Eavesarmour’s extruded heat channel features a self-regulating heat cable, allowing the frame and internal gutter system to warm up and eliminate ice, ensuring smooth water flow during winter months.

The stainless steel micro screen is specifically designed to keep all debris out, providing unparalleled gutter protection.

A sturdy Anodized Aluminum Frame is utilized for metal gutters, offering lasting durability.

An Aluminum Cover safeguards the Eavesarmour Heat Cables, shielding them from heavy UV rays, critters, and other damaging elements during the winter season. This cover ensures maximum protection for your home and valuable possessions.

Eavesarmour Self Regulating Heat Cable guarantee is 10 years. Eavesarmour- Ice warranty is 40-year.

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With our lifetime, transferable warranty, you’ll enjoy the peace of mind that your gutters and entire home are protected for life.